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Keep your attendees organised

Qmeeto brings together all your events and meetings into one organised place. No matter how many events you have, or how many people you have working on them, Qmeeto helps everyone involved work better together.

• Instantly familiar dashboard
• Step by step guide to get you started
• Monitor team activity
• Help desk and knowledge base

Attendee management Qmeeto
travel management with Qmeeto

Track travel and transfers

Not all attendees are the same. They all have different flights, schedules, hotels, transfers and special requests. Qmeeto makes it easy to manage complex logistics and helps you stay on top of it all.


• Manage arrivals and departures
• Keep track of accommodation details
• Get a handle on ground transfers
• Punch out instant reports on everything

Monitor attendee accommodation

With Qmeeto, you’ll know exactly where all your attendees and speakers are staying during your event. Track check-in and check-out times, estimated times of arrival, booking references and more.

• Assign attendees to venues
• Add estimated time of arrivals
• Export arrival and departure reports for hotel
• Add special notes for the events team

Manage venues with Qmeeto

Manage breakout sessions

Every event is different. You may have a small advisory boards with 10 people. Or a  satellite symposia with over 200 delegates. Qmeeto’s advanced scheduler let’s you build a unique agenda in minutes, capturing all the important data you need.


• Create single or multiple day agendas
• Add breakout sessions and assign attendees
• Automatically add your agenda to your website
• Add internal notes for your events team

Build branded itineraries

No more drowning in a sea of spreadsheets. No more sifting through endless emails. Qmeeto lets you automate the process so that you can send out professional branded itineraries to your attendees in minutes.

• Add inbound and outbound flight info
• Add transfer details to and from airport
• Add accommodation and time of arrival
• Add personalised Agenda and notes to your attendees

Event Personalised Itineraries


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