Event planning; the lead up

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Ok so you’re feeling excited, anxious and hopefully at that point of ‘Bring it on!’ – always a good sign that the event is in a good place. In the closing prep days it’s worthwhile to stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and take stock of what’s in your barrel.

To Dos

There is always so much going on at the last minute; last minute requests, re-printing of agendas (standard) so we have to keep focused. What’s still to do? What do we still need to pack? What are the first things we need to do when we arrive on-site? Get those lists started and begin to mark those items complete throughout those last few precious days – pure satisfaction whilst maintaining focus.

Step into someone else’s shoes

Running orders/Schedules/On-site guides…Whatever you call them they’re all the same thing and they’ve got to be written. What’s important once you’ve got one in your hand is to take a moment, go to quite room, and read through it from start to finish. Imagine yourself as the delegate, the speaker, the client and of course the planner and walk through the event from start to finish. Visualization really helps to ensure you’ve captured everything.

Huddle round now

Something that can get forgotten – don’t worry we can catch-up on-site or on the plane? Schedule something in with all those on-site and run through the key elements/days. Make sure they have the running order beforehand and read it! The briefing can be short but it allows time for the team to think about what’s coming up in a different environment. Always better to ask questions in advance than a minute before being show ready!

Keep it brief

Ok, so we don’t need endless documents, but it can be handy to prepare a key points guide for delegated tasks such as managing a breakout session. What do speakers need to be reminded of? How is time being managed? When you’re leading particularly large events you rely on your team and so handy guides make it easier for all. It’s not there to patronize but to be an aid.

Sweet treats

You know when it’s the 11th hour and you’re running out of steam and you just need something to keep you going? Stock up on those team favourites for when you’re on-site – they’ll love you for it and also helps ease those on-site tensions. Who’d have thought you’re on the verge of a marriage proposal when presenting a pack of Cadburys’ buttons?

However you decide to prepare for going on-site, hopefully you’ll find these few handy tips useful in your preparation. As we know, every event is different and so our experiences are all unique, By sharing our experiences we can learn to achieve success by sharing best practice.

Article written by Liz Franklin
Liz is Owner and Chief Event Expert at 
Liz Franklin Event Management


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