Post Event Tips: How to make your event timeless

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So your event went perfectly…bar the few hick-ups – no big deal. Your main goal was to entertain attendees so if they’re happy, you should be happy. But your job doesn’t simply end when the last guest leaves. Now you need to immortalise the entire event. You need to share the success with as many potential clients, contacts and companies as you can. You want people to recognise your name as an event manager. You want people to search your events? You need to provide them that in the most accessible way. So here are our tips to create a timeless event.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…videos. Be it during the event itself or after to advertise; people love to be visually engaged. Blocks of text and hashtags become less interesting the longer you look at them. But graphic images and videos stimulate the viewer, keep their interest, and show an honest depiction of your event. YouTube receives over 4 billion views a day. It’s now easier than ever to share content across multiple sites to reach possible viewers. YouTube is one of the most creative mediums available on the internet, constantly turning amateurs into professionals. All it takes is one view from the right person.

Sharing is caring
When people search your event or name, you do not want to be a googlewhack. You want pages upon pages of results and reviews. Blogs and websites have become the most popular way to keep the buzz surrounding your event alive. Tags, categories and hashtags are now available to make your content easier to find online. Basically, they increase the chance of searchers being able to find your content instead of going through pages of search engine results. If they search a matching tag, yours get bumps closer to the first result. Keep your blog simple and categorised for easy accessibility. Upload some content and get sharing across every social media site you can find. And voilà, you’ve got yourself an engaging, accessible online portfolio.

Put a pin in the gram

If you want to span your reach for a wider audience, take a look at the sites that can help you do that. Pinterest and Instagram have become the new integral parts of social media strategies. In just two years Pinterest has managed to gain more than 100 million users with more traffic than LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+. The visual social network is now the third largest social network site. Pinners can create, collect, share and re-post engaging information, pictures or videos. Instagram isn’t far behind with 75 million users. These sites give the opportunity to further engage with possible clients while highlighting your skills as an event manager.

So what did you think?
Collecting feedback from attendees is the only way to truly find out the success of your event. Here you have the opportunity to see what worked and what did not. You can use this creative criticism to improve for future ones. They could be of the opinion that a certain area was a waste or that the event had nothing they wanted. The sooner you follow up on your event, the fresher the memories will be in attendee’s minds to provide any suggestions to help you in the future. What parts did they like? What was missing? What parts did they not appreciate? Use this opportunity as a chance to better yourself in the knowledge of what is in demand. Do this, and you’ll be impressing attendees at all your events!


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