To Do or not To Do!

graphic of task manager in Qmeeto

As we all know the job of an event manager is a constant juggling act. The phone never stops ringing, there’s always people to be contacted, bookings to be made, speakers to be organised and attendees to be confirmed. Checklists. Sticky notes. Day planners. It’s endless. To help planners to keep on top of everything, Qmeeto has a really cool feature. It’s our colour-coded task manager.

3 easy ways to view your To Dos

  1. On your dashboard you can get topline information on your To Dos at a glance. See how many high, medium and low priorty tasks are yet to be completed per event.
  2. Want to quickly see how many To Dos you have to do across all your events? Just click on the To Do quick view toolbar on your dashboard. It quickly expands to give you an overview of all your to dos across all your events.
  3. Per event To Dos – When you click into one of your events you have a separate section where you can keep all your To Dos relating to that particular event.

So what’s so great about our Task Manager?

I would say it has to be the simplicity of it. Here at Qmeeto, we’re all about stripping things back and creating features that are instantly familiar and don’t need any training. Take a look for yourself.  I think you’ll agree that the hand written lists will be going in the bin. It’s so easy to use. Simply add a To Do, give it a priority of high, medium or low and it will automatically be colour-coded and appear in a clear, easy to read list. You can quickly move your To Dos up and down depending on the priority. Then when you’re done, you can mark it complete. Rather than deleting your task, Qmeeto just marks a line through it and adds a tick mark. This way you can keep a record of the items that have been completed so that all the staff members know what’s finished.

Get your team organised

To do lists are proven to increase your team’s productivity. All your staff members can collaborate a lot easier and achieve results faster. There is less time wasted and it encourages a lot more communication. Each staff member knows when an item is completed and can see the highest priority To Dos and begin work on them straight away.

It’s important to keep track of all your tasks when managing an event and Qmeeto’s task manager will help your team to stick to their goals. If all your staff members get into a routine of checking their To Dos the minute you log into the system, it will get a good rhythm going and you will be able to make sure that projects don’t fall behind and event milestones are never missed.


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