Your Events Dashboard: what is it and why is it so important?

Image of man using Qmeeto dashboard

As most event professionals know, organisation is key at every stage of your event. With multiple staff members working on a range of different events, it’s not unusual for things to get complex very quickly. Wires can get crossed and tasks can sometimes get overlooked or even forgotten. 

So how do you keep on top of things? How do you make sure that you know exactly what’s going on with all your events at all times?

Dashboarding: a real-time snapshot of all your events

A good dashboard is critical to the smooth running of events. It’s a visual representation of what’s going on across all your events, from attendee registration updates to team activity. It securely and automatically connects #eventprofs with the information they need, whether they are at their desk, or working remotely. A well-designed, user-friendly dashboard allows #eventprofs to not only access critical information, but to act quickly on that information.

Reasons why a good dashboard is essential

Save time
Say goodbye to endless status reports. No more running a report each time you want to see how many attendees have registered for your event. A dashboard will quickly give you a snapshot of how many people have been invited and how many have confirmed. In real time.

Boost employee performance
It goes without saying that when team activity is on display, employees start to improve their work. Wouldn’t it be helpful to see when users last logged in so you can monitor performance and commitment across all your events?

Keep on top of event to-dos
Every event has an incredibly long list of tasks. Projects can sometimes fall behind and event milestones can by missed when task management is scattered and confusing. A clear, well structured dashboard will help you keep on top of your to-dos so you can easily see what tasks are the most pressing and who is in charge of them.

Personlised for everyone on your team
Not everyone on the team will be working on the same events. You need a dashboard that only displays the events that are relevant to each #eventprof. This will allow them quickly access information they need, saving time and making them more efficient.


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