The benefits of an Event Itinerary


One of the most logistically challenging parts of putting together an event is often the  management of attendee and speaker schedules. When are people arriving? Who needs a transfer from the airport? Who is speaking at what session? Add to this multiple changes, updates and last minute cancellations and it can often turn into a nightmare. Some event planners rely on excel spreadsheets to manage all this info, but having a more automated process in place is a must for any event these days. With Qmeeto our easy to use itinerary builder is a great way to simplify complex attendee information, allowing you sail through the planning process. Check out some of the key benefits!

Never miss a session

It may seem like basic stuff but without a proper itinerary you might find your attendees or speakers get lost in the confusion. Perhaps they’ll stay at lunch a little too long or wind up attending a talk that has nothing to do with their job and missing the one they’re supposed to attend. Depending on the venue, there could be a lot of rooms. Don’t leave your attendees scratching their heads. Have their schedule laid out for them beforehand. It will make your life and theirs easier.

It’s more personal

Using Qmeeto to give your attendees their own personal itineraries is a nice touch. They’re not just being thrown in with everyone else and left to work things out for themselves. A personalised itinerary, much like a personalised email (which Qmeeto can also sort out for you!) makes your attendees feel appreciated. It’s one thing to organise an event for a bunch of people, but to organise a special itinerary for every individual shows a level of appreciation that not every business displays.

It’s more professional

You’re not winging it; you’ve carefully planned exactly what’s happening and when. Why? Because you’re a professional who’s not just throwing together the event. You want it to go well both for you and your attendees. A good itinerary is a way to instill confidence in all parties, for the event and for the company that’s running it. Do it right and attendees and future invitees will have real confidence that you know what you’re doing and that the event well-organised and worth attending.

All-in-one itinerary

The best thing about the Qmeeto itinerary builder is that it pulls together all your attendee information in an instant. Once you’ve added your travel, accommodation and schedule details for your attendees you can convert it into a clearly laid out itinerary at the click of a button. In a matter of minutes your attendees and speakers will know where they need to be, what time they need be there at and what their role is at the event. Nice..


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