How to organise a great Corporate Roadshow

graphic of corporate roadshow

It’s always easier to get information straight from the horse’s mouth. That’s why when a company is ready to go public in search of investment, the top executives will venture on a roadshow. These are designed to provide potential investors important information about the company and who is running it. Today, roadshows have evolved into a popular, effective and efficient means of promotion with your direct client. Face to face roadshow events create debate, participation and interaction, ultimately engaging with the people you want to. But delivering one event can be stressful. Recreating that event over and over in different locations can have its own challenges. Here are a few tips on how to run a great roadshow time and time again!

Be innovative

Whether your audience includes potential investors or consumers, your main objective is to educate. This doesn’t mean background information that no one really cares for. You need to focus on and talk about ideas, innovative products, goals or plans for the future of the company. This effortlessly increases brand awareness. Neither your investors nor consumers will be convinced by the product or service they’ve seen everywhere else, so offer something new, something they haven’t seen before.

A networking opportunity

Roadshows tend to gather like-minded people from an array of different backgrounds and sectors. Use this to your advantage. Take the opportunity to branch out your connections with those who can make an impact on what you do or how you do it.  Having company and marketing contacts will always be a vital part of running a continual successful business. So start giving some advice and you’re sure to get some in return.

Know your competitors

Roadshows aren’t just an opportunity to sell, they’re also an opportunity to analyse. You will be one of hundreds of companies raising brand awareness. Everyone will be showing their latest invention to make the consumer’s life easier, so take note. See what your competitors are offering, how they’re offering it and if you can do something similar more efficiently. Learn how other companies approach their customers, how they talk and see does it work. Take each location as a learning curve and you’ll be picking up a few new skills along the way.

Engage your audience

For a lot of consumers, roadshows are an opportunity to really get to know a company and their products or services. Personality holds a large influence with first impressions, so seeing an efficient, enthusiastic speaker sway a crowd will ease your customer’s mind. Before you hit the road, do your homework. Make sure your key speaker or sales representative can command a room and engage with your customers. They will always say a lot for the company, especially


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